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Another month on, & its been a busy one here, including quite a few photo sessions & more tweaking of the website itself – although personally I don’t think the tweaking will ever stop, at least not for a little while yet.
Thank you to all of you who visit to check out, and/or adopt, the treasures listed on my website, it is always a joy to send each piece on to a new home.
Anyway, this month I thought I would take some time to remind you all that you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, where on a regular basis, I share photos along with a little bit of information about individual pieces that are listed here.  It just may help you find something a little faster.
You can find us at:
Facebook -
Instagram -
It would be absolutely amazing if you could join us on these pages as well, as the saying goes, the more the merrier.  And please, do not forget to let your family, friends, workmates, and anyone else you know in on the secret of where to find us.
With many thanks,

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