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Over the past month more crystals have been photographed and added to the Raw/Natural Crystals Collection, including beautiful amethyst clusters, selenite & petrified wood pieces, to name a few.
Time has been spent on tweaking (just a little) some of the Home Page’s layout, although this may not be very noticeable, I am hoping it helps everyone to navigate the website just a little easier.  And one or two more Collections have been added to showcase our ‘Warrior’ Crystals and Odd Sox Critters.
‘Warrior’ Crystals are those that have a few small scars (aka chips etc) in their otherwise pretty appearances, yet their energies are still strong, and they are ready and waiting to assist you in all you need.  
Odd Sox Critters are handmade crocheted critters.  They are made with attention to detail, quality, and workmanship, each one with their own unique personality, and are exclusive to Crystal Pathways!
There has also been a couple of crystal shopping trips during the past month, so there are even more beautiful pieces yet to come – raw pieces and polished pieces – so remember to keep an eye out for them!
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