Chakra Om Moon Prayer Beads – (ID: am14)

Chakra Om Moon Prayer Beads – (ID: am14)

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Created using 14mm Clear Faceted Bead & 8mm Sunstone Beads with Silver Tassel & Chakra Om Moon Alloy Charm

Prayer Beads consist of 9 prominent beads, for the counting of Mantras, or Prayers. 9 being a multiple of 108, which is the number of beads in a full Mala. These beads are for those times when you are not able to have a full Mala or set of Prayer Beads with you. Understand that it is important in using a Mala to count Mantras, that the Mantra be voiced with Sincerity, Devotion, Feeling & Full Attention, for them to have a Universal Effect. It is also said that by using a Mala during Meditation that it can lead to Self Realisation.

(Mala/Prayer Beads Set photographed is the one you will receive & comes with its own Organza Pouch)