Clear Quartz Elephant Lucky Charm – (ID: ach5)

Clear Quartz Elephant Lucky Charm – (ID: ach5)

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Created using Dark Yellow Fire Agate & Black Stone Beads, a Sea Blue Acrylic Leaf, with Elephant Charm & Clear Quartz Pendulum Bead.  By using the attached lobster clasp or split ring, these can decorate your bags &/or keyrings, or, wherever feel the desire to display them.

Charms have been a part the human history for thousands of years, where early man would pick up an unusually shaped or coloured stones, & carry it with them as a talisman of protection or good luck. Many charms today are worn to express ourselves, or to represent special occasions or people, & can evoke strong feelings within. Charms can represent our beliefs, passions, interests & hobbies. Charms make wonderful, personal gifts & can last for generations. They can remind us of special people, places or events. A charm is a cherished gift to give or receive.

(the Charm photographed is the one you will receive)

Measures: approx 9 cm