Eye of Horus/Scarab Icon – Double Sided (gold plated) – (ID: sg9)

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The Eye of Horus is used as a protective amulet & is believed to have the power of healing. According to Egyptian Mythology, Horus lost his left eye in his war with Set who tore the eye into 6 pieces. Thoth, the gold of wisdom & magic, was able to reassemble the eye & return it to Horus. Horus then gave the eye to his murdered father Osiris, thereby bringing him back to life. The symbol therefore represents the power of healing. The ancient Egyptians used the Eye as an amulet for protection against evil & to guide their rebirth in the underworld.

The Scarab symbolises the sun, because the ancient Egyptians saw a likeness between the Scarab, rolling dung across the ground, and, the sun god rolling the sun across the sky, making it shine on Earth. It is also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation & protection. The life of the Scarab revolved around the dung balls that they consumed, laid their eggs in, & fed their young, all representing a cycle of rebirth. When the eggs hatched the Scarab would seem to appear from nowhere, making it a symbol of spontaneous creation, resurrection & transformation. A Scarab amulet provides protection & confidence in the certain knowledge of reincarnation.