Grey (dyed) Polished Agate – standing – (ID: crp28)

Grey (dyed) Polished Agate – standing – (ID: crp28)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Agate is considered to be ‘the’ stone everyone should have for protection. It is part of the chalcedony family. Agates attracts strength, is a protector from bad dreams, & also protects from stress and energy drains. Agates have been used in jewelry since ancient times, & were were used to ward off storms. Agate is great in assisting to bring about a sense of strength & courage to both mind & body. It is grounding, yet energetic. Grey is the colour is the symbol for security, maturity & dependability. It is a true neutral colour, & can represent sorrow, but also restfulness. It is stabilising & helps others to stand out while muting their vibration. It helps to emphasise your willingness to comply, creating a netural & non-invasive feeling.

(Crystal piece photographed is the piece you will receive)

Size:  7.1cm x 11.5cm x 3cm