Lepidolite Giraffe – (ID: cra43)

Lepidolite Giraffe – (ID: cra43)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Lepidolite is a calming stone and is useful for assisting in the reduction of stress & depression, helping with transition on a mental, physical & spiritual plane. It helps to open the throat, third eye & crown chakras allowing the energies to flow smoothly. It is a great help during meditation, helping to strengthen the connections with your guides.

The Giraffe is letting you know that it is time to allow your foresight to lead the way. As a matter of fact, you know what you have been predicting all along. Therefore, you should take action & follow through. Not only that, your gut instincts and clairvoyance are telling you something. Listen to your heart and allow your awareness to lead the way.

(Crystal piece photographed is the piece you will receive)

Size:  approx.  5.3cm x 2.8cm x 1.7cm