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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Medicine Bags - (ID: cs18)

Medicine Bags - (ID: cs18)

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These Medicine Bags contain items that provide guidance, healing and protection.
There is even room for you to add more pieces to make it a complete representation of who you are.
The bag is made from a soft leather/suede type material and comes with a strong black cord so you can easily wear it around your neck.
Each Bag contains one of each of the following:
- Arrowhead - for Courage
- Rose Quartz - for Love
- Quartz - for Wisdom
- Agate - for Health
- Pyrite - for Strength

(Size given is an approximation as each individual one can vary and will be chosen at random)

Bag Size:  approx. 8.5cm x 6.8cm x 3cm
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