Shaman Stones - (1 pair) - (ID: crn68)

Shaman Stones - (1 pair) - (ID: crn68)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Shaman Stones (also known as Mochi Balls or Boji Stones) are strongly connected the the Earth energies. They assist is grounding the auric energies, removing blockages in the subtle body and meridian points, and aligning the chakra energies. Shaman Stones work in pairs to balance the yin and yang energies, also known as the male and female energies, within the body. They ground and center, enhance earth healing work, and have been known to be used in rainmaking ceromonies by ancient tribes.

(Crystals photographed are the ones you will receive)

Sizes: approx.  4.2cm x 3.5cm  &  4.4cm x 3cm