Smokey Quartz Vogel – (ID: crp142)

Smokey Quartz Vogel – (ID: crp142)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Smokey Quartz is a protective stone & has a strong link with the base chakras. It facilitates movement between alpha & beta states of mind, & aids in raising vibration levels & clearing the mind for/during meditation. Smokey Quartz is good for grounding & centering oneself, dissipates subconscious blocks & negativity on all levels, & can help to increase dream awareness & channelling abilities.
Vogel Crystals are natural quartz crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). Marcel Vogel was a research scientist with IBM for many years and holds several patents in the field of luminescence. He spent the later years of his life exploring the powers of quartz crystals among other interests. They are healing crystals and meditation crystals that are cut to maximise the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force.
Vogel Crystals are cut to amplify, coalesce, and focus thoughts and energy that you wish to direct into the body or mind. The design of the crystal allows for your thoughts and energy (and the pervasive Universal Life Force), to enter the crystal at the receptive end, be amplified and focused as it travels in a circular pattern through the crystal, and be transmitted like a laser beam from the focal end.
In this way they are used primarily for healing efforts, both for sending healing energy to the body and the spirit; meditation to focus the connections with spirit world beings; and in efforts to focus our Life Forces on accomplishing our goals and dreams with laser like focus.

(Crystal piece photographed is the piece you will receive)

Size: approx. 6.2cm x 1.4cm x 1.4cm