White Cats Eye Eggs – mini – (ID: crf106)

White Cats Eye Eggs – mini – (ID: crf106)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Cats Eye (man-made) clears obstacles & hindrances & wards of evil effects of witch crafts. Safeguards from scandals & loss of reputation. Protects the wearer against losses in business & ensures financial stability. White is the colour of purity & kindness. It is the complete energy of light, stands for wholeness & completion, and, represents openness & truth.  It helps to clear blocks from your path & to provide clarity, allowing for new beginnings.  Eggs mean growth, protection, new beginnings & resurrection.

(Size & weight given are an approximation as each individual one can vary & will be picked at random. Stand not included.)

Size: approx 3cm x 2.1cm x 2.1cm each