How to Choose a Crystal (part 2)

Choosing a Crystal Online

Buying crystals online is not that different from buying in person, and follows very similar steps, except for the fact that you won’t have the opportunity to hold them before they become yours. Remember to keep the process simple. Do not try to look at too many categories or pages at once, just take your time and browse the website at a steady pace.

Look thru each category (ie: raw, polished, carved, tumblestones), taking note of what is available, and what draws you. If you feel drawn to anything in particular, open up the specific page in a new tab, and continue to browse, keeping in mind who you are buying for – family, friends, or yourself.

When you finish browsing, take some time to look thru the crystals in the open pages. There will be some that you no longer feel anything for, so close those pages as you go. With the crystals you still feel drawn to, take extra time to look at its picture, take in how you feel, and what reactions it causes within you.

Once you have reviewed your initial selections, you should have reduced the number of open pages, leaving you with those you feel more drawn too. This is where you need to truly trust your instincts, and let your gut feelings to guide you, as you could (and probably will) find yourself in the situation of having to reduce the numbers of selected crystals once more.

At this point, it is always advisable to take a break (if possible) and move away from your computer screen. It does not need to be a long break, just 5 minutes, but take it, as it will assist you to clear your energies and let your mind focus on what is needed.

Now take the time to once again review each crystal, be aware of how it makes you feel, and if it feels right, add it to your cart, then move on to the next page. Do this until you are happy with the number of pieces that you intend to buy.

Once again, remember to just trust your instincts, the more you go with what you feel, the more in-tune you will become with your crystal/s!

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