About Us

Crystal Pathways began with a passion for crystals, and that passion has never gone away. By reaching out to Australian Suppliers, I have always been able to handpick each piece, which ensures quality & uniqueness, as well as affordability.

Together with our other ranges of interesting gifts and treasures, we believe we can help create a tranquil atmosphere, enhance the beauty of your home, and assist with clarity of mind, healing & meditation.


Crystals are fabulous and unique creations of nature, which can enhance the beauty, healing, connection, and rituals within your daily lives.  

Our crystal range includes: Natural Formations (raw pieces), Carved (hearts, pyramids, spheres, skulls, & points, among other things), and Tumblestones (a favourite with kids of all ages).

Even though crystals can be a personal thing, and what appeals to one person, may not always appeal to another, if you choose with good intentions, the crystal you pick will always be the right one, so buying one as a gift for someone will always be received with much appreciation.

Aurora’s Creations

Aurora’s Creations is where you will find our range of beautiful handmade crystal Malas (also known as Prayer Beads). Each one is a unique, handmade creation, offering you a tantalising and beautiful way to affirm and activate your meditation, prayers and intentions.

Malas are a great way to focus your awareness and engage the sense of touch in meditation. They are ideal to bring your prayers and intentions into sharper focus, by adding a simple, physical ritual aspect to your daily practice.

Friends were always commenting on how interesting & attractive my personal Mala looked, how it kept changing as I added different pieces to it – coloured beads, different crystal beads & silver charms, and each time I re-worked it, how I added something to it that represented certain times & changes in my life.  I then created my first Mala for someone else in 2012, as a gift, to say thank you for their help at a difficult time in my life. Thus, began a new journey into creativity, and the beginning of ‘Aurora’s Creations’.

Since then, I have continued to create Malas on request, for friends and customers, either for themselves, or as gifts, which carry special meaning. I have also crafted other Malas when the call to create was too strong to resist. Interest in these Malas was strong, and I was urged to showcase them so they might find their new guardians.

Aurora’s Creations range has since grown to include colourful Crystal Pendulums & Lucky Charms, all of which offer something a little different.


 Sacred Geometry Plates

These Sacred Geometry Plates are sourced directly from the maker in the United States and will help bring sacred energies into your home and/or workspace, enhancing its beauty and affirming your path.

Sacred Geometry patterns are commonly found throughout life, repetitively showing their signature as a relevant expression of the Divine Hand in Creation. Reverence for these patterns has no dogma or belief system but merely acts as a reminder and appreciation for the often-unseen synchronicity behind all life.

Sacred Geometry Plates can be placed in and around the many areas of your home or workspace, above the front door of your home or sanctuary, in a healing or massage room, an office area, or even upon your altar. Wherever you place these plates the aura and beauty of your environment will be enhanced.

Sacred Geometry Plates can also be framed and used anywhere to enhance the Feng Shui of the home or business.

We are here to help

Please take a moment to browse thru our website, see what is available, and what calls to you, and, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

This website is constantly being updated, so please continue to check back to see all that is new and exciting. Our News Page will also be the place to keep abreast of any interesting pieces of news or events that may be of interest to you.