How to Choose a Crystal (part 3)

 Choosing Crystals for Others

Choosing crystals for others, be it family, friend or someone else, can be a scary process, as we want them to not only like what we gift them, but we want it to be something they truly need and want.

One of the first steps to take, is to decide what area the person needs assistance in; for example, be it in romance, self-confidence, health or wealth.  Once this decision is made, it helps to make your choice easier.  

Then, it’s onto the next step, which is very similar to choosing a crystal for yourself, but instead of focusing on your needs, you focus your thoughts on the person you are buying for.

Again, remembering to keep the process simple, don’t try to match the needs of the person to the known properties of a crystal, but keep the person & their requirements in mind, whilst browsing what crystals are available for you to choose from. 

Let your intuition guide you, listening & feeling to the energies of the crystals, so that they can make you aware which ones would best suit.  Crystals are very good at knowing who they are best for.

As you browse the selections available, you will probably find yourself making a variety of choices. Try not to overthink and keep your selection to a chosen few. 

Once you have a nice selection, lay them out in front of you, then clear your mind.  One by one, pick each one up, and see how they feel as you focus, not only on the person you are choosing for, but the area they need help with.

Keep in mind, that a tumblestone can be just as helpful & meaningful as a large piece, that it is not the size of the crystal, or how many you choose, but the crystal itself.

Once you have made your choice, make sure you cleanse the crystal before gifting it to the person, this will ensure that the crystal’s energies are clear, and that the person receives it with the right intentions.

Remember to trust your instincts, the more you go with what you feel is right, the more likely you will have matched the right crystal to the right person for the right reason.

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