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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

All Time Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc14)

All Time Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc14)

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This Spirit Charmer was created to assist you to understand that time is always on the move and should not be wasted.  The Compass is seen as a device that will bring luck and comfort to someone who is lost by guiding them in the right direction & showing them what is ahead.  They are reminders that you are free to choose the course of your life and that you should always strive for balance. 

Green Faceted Beads, Chrysoprase Beads, and Tigers Eye Chip Beads, combined with a Gold Coloured ‘Compass’ Charm will help you to see that time is a constant in everyone’s life.
(the Spirit Charmer photographed is the one you will receive – note:  that the 3 rings of this compass are movable and could break if mishandled)

Measures:  approx. 43cm in length

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