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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Christmas Tree Car Keeper Charm – (ID: akc17)

Christmas Tree Car Keeper Charm – (ID: akc17)

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This Keeper Charm was created using Green, Orange & Lime Coloured Acrylic Beads, Clear Faceted Beads, and Carnelian Chip Beads, an enameled Christmas Tree Charm, and a Honey Calcite Nugget (in a Tumblestone Holder).

The symbolic meaning of the Christmas Tree originated in pagan culture where the evergreen represented life, rebirth, and the stamina needed to endure the winter months.  It was traditional to honour the winter solstice by decorating an evergreen.  It was believed evil spirits were at their strongest during the winter months, and to thwart the nasties, evergreens were brought into the homes, decorated & lit-up, as a way of protection from them. It wasn’t until about the nineteenth century that we find Christianity absorbing the bright, cheery symbolism of the Christmas tree.  The Christians saw the trees as a symbol of the Tree of Life, and added candles to their trees, to represent the Light of Christ.

(the Keeper Charm photographed is the one you will receive)

Measures:  approx. 17cm in length

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