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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Citrine ‘Dragons Teeth’ Pouch – (ID: cs15)

Citrine ‘Dragons Teeth’ Pouch – (ID: cs15)

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Citrine ‘Dragons Teeth’ .. aka .. Mini Citrine Points!

Citrine is known for its ability to attract wealth, prosperity, success, and abundance in all forms. It helps to bring joy, wonder, delight, and enthusiasm to the beholder, and at the same time raises self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine stimulates the mind, strengthens the intellect, and promotes motivation. It also helps to activate creativity and encourage self-expression.

Dragons Teeth, or Mini Points, have so many uses, that to have a few on hand is always a great idea.  From decorating a fairy garden, to adding to a medicine pouch, or even, using in grid work, they are always a useful crystal to have on hand.

Please note:  The number of ‘teeth’/points in each pouch can vary due to their size & shape, and will be chosen by intuition.

Size:  approx. 60gms

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