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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Four-Leaf Clover Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc6)

Four-Leaf Clover Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc6)

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This Spirit Charmer was created to help create a sense that all things will eventually work out. Four Leaf Clovers have always been considered a sign of good luck, as well as a symbol of faith, love, hope and good fortune.  It is said that finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of good things to come.  Some feel that they are also a reminder that life has its ups and downs, that there is no such thing as perfect luck all the time. By keeping your head up and having hope, you will eventually be guided to the good things that lie ahead.

A Blue Four-Leaf Clover Charm, combined with Lapis Lazuli Chip Beads and Aura Quartz Beads have been combined to bring about the feeling that all will be ok, so you can focus on what needs your attention at this time.
(the Spirit Charmer photographed is the one you will receive)

Measures:  approx. 44cm in length

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