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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Lemon Chrysoprase Turtle – (ID: cra2)

Lemon Chrysoprase Turtle – (ID: cra2)

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Metaphysical Properties:
Lemon Chrysoprase is said to help with depression, it can help keep the mind more alert, helps to instil wisdom & self-confidence. It can help with nightmares & when placed next to the bed, will aid restful sleep. A very lovely stone with a very gentle touch.

The Turtle is known to live to a very old age & is therefore associated with long life. As they move slowly thru life, making a home wherever they are, they show us how to grow old with grace, never becoming attached to any one place, & being in harmony with its surroundings. The Turtle teaches us to seek out new opportunities & experiences, to become self-sufficient with each step taken.

(Crystal piece photographed is the piece you will receive)

Size:  approx. 4.7cm x 3.5cm x 2.2cm

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