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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Merkabah (gold plated) – (ID: sg14)

Merkabah (gold plated) – (ID: sg14)

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The two interlocking triangles that form the Merkabah symbolise the marriage of opposites, bonds of flesh and spirit, as well as active and passive principles.   It symbolises that God rules over the universe and protects us from all six directions – North, South, East, West, Up and Down, with the middle of the hexagram providing the spiritual dimension.

In the Kabala, the two interlocking triangles represent the reciprocal relationship between man and God. Our good deeds are represented by the triangle pointing up to God, and God reciprocates by allowing holiness and beneficence to flow towards us. This is a deep message that when concentrated on and worn as a necklace, can help us feel like we are walking with our creator on a daily basis.

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