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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Owl Car Keeper Charm – (ID: akc15)

Owl Car Keeper Charm – (ID: akc15)

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This Keeper Charm was created using Purple Pearl Beads, Purple Malay Jade Bead, Clear Faceted Beads, and Amethyst Chip Beads, a Tibetan Silver Owl Charm, and a Rainbow Fluorite Tumblestone (in a Tumblestone Holder).

The Owl is here to remind you that you may need to remove yourself from the noise of life, become still, & be a silent observer.  Slow down & become stable to allow yourself to access the wealth of information that surrounds you. Whenever this bird is present it will share its ability to see what others may miss. In other words, open your eyes & truly examine how things are. You will be surprised by what you can suddenly see that is normally hidden from your view. External appearances will give way to the truth & meaning hidden beneath.

(the Keeper Charm photographed is the one you will receive)

Measures:  approx. 14.5cm in length

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