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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Purple Mandala Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc3)

Purple Mandala Spirit Charmer – (ID: asc3)

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This Spirit Charmer was created to help us see how our lives affect what is around us. The Mandala is symbolic of the Universe in its idyllic form, of life, the ecosystem, and our own consciousness.  Its creation signifies the transformation of a Universe that is suffering into a Universe full of joy.  The 'circle with a centre' pattern is the basic structure of creation that is reflected from the micro to the macro in the world as we know it.  The Mandala is the perfect aid for meditation, as it helps the meditator to envision how to achieve the perfect self.

Purple and Clear Faceted Beads, Purple Enamelled Beads, combined with a Purple Mandala Charm will encourage you to find joy in the life/lives that surrounds you.

(the Spirit Charmer photographed is the one you will receive)

Measures:  approx. 38cm in length

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