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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

Shri Yantra (gold plated) – (ID: sg2)

Shri Yantra (gold plated) – (ID: sg2)

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The Shri Yantra (also known as Shree Yantra), is a form of mandala that means instrument and is made up of nine linked triangles. It symbolises the play of cosmic forces and creation. The Shri Yantra, a highly sacred symbol, is used in Hindu tantric ritual.

The central part features upward pointing triangles which represent the lingam or phallus, and downward pointing triangles which represent the yoni or womb. It symbolises the union of the gods Shakti and Shiva. At the centre of some mandalas there is a triangle with a dot inside a circle, which symbolises the merging of male & female forces.

Traditionally, the Shri Yantra is used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind, or to focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, enacting and/or concentrating on the Shri Yantra is said to have spiritual, astrological or magical benefits.

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