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Crystal Pathways (Australia)

White Sage Pack 2 – (ID: cs21)

White Sage Pack 2 – (ID: cs21)

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White Sage is known for its protective abilities, healing properties, and as an assistance in helping to connect with spiritual energies around you.  It has been used by the Native Americans for centuries as a traditional way to cleanse and purify negative energies from a person and/or space and is known as smudging.  When smudging, it is always best to set your intentions with a clear mind, focusing your mind by using your own wording and steps, as this will ensure a positive outcome.

This pack has been collated to give the user the basic ingredients needed to help prepare & keep their own space clear & safe.

Included in this pack are:
1 x White Sage Incense Sticks (approx. 20 sticks)
1 x White Sage – Loose (approx. 10gms)
1 x Moroccan Ceramic Dish
2 x T-lite Candles
1 x Charcoal Disc
1 x White Sage Perfume Oil (approx. 8ml)
1 x Muscovite Tumblestone (to assist with releasing those energies no longer needed)
1 x Mantra Card

- Incense Sticks are good for a simple & quick cleanse, whilst the Loose Sage is for when a more detailed cleanse is required.
- the Charcoal Disc & T-lite Candles are a great assistance when it comes to lighting/burning the Incense & Loose Sage.
- use the Ceramic Dish for catching the ash of the Incense Stick, or, for burning the Loose Sage in.
- carry the Perfume Oil with you whilst out and about, to help you give your personal energies that extra assistance when you feel the need.
- both the Mantra Card and Muscovite Tumblestone will help back up those positive energies at any time.

Pack size:  approx. 30cm x 13cm x 4cm
Total Pack Value = $30.00
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